About Vocabulary Trainer

Vocabulary Trainer is a program wich serves only one purpose:

Let the user learn huge amounts of vocabularies quickly.

Naturally, the user which would probably benefit most of this program is a pupil who has to learn for a vocabulary test, or maybe someone who has already gained some knowledge and understanding in a foreign language and wants to enhance the potential of linguistic thought expression.

The program is simple in that it gives no structure for tenses, or other grammatical relevant techniques. Indeed, it represents just a mechanism for asking the user words, letting him enter their meanings or translations to finally tell him if he was right or wrong. But since this is enough help for learning those vocabularies, it should do the trick.

While holding up simplicity, there are yet some features offered to let you learn the vocabularies your preferred way.

Last but not least, it should be mentioned that vocabulary trainer is written in Java. To use Java programs, you should have a Java Runtime Environment or a Java Development Kit for your operating system, which can be downloaded from JavaSoft.